Private Labels/Custom Made

For the last decade Ducklingcards has produced a large range of greetings cards on request for commercial companies or charitable organizations. Some are produced for charity, others for the promotion of specific brands, events, TV-shows, etc. Below is a selection of these card, e.g. Flora Danica, The Danish Red Cross, PostNord, TV2, Julemærkefonden, Aller.

Our area of expertise is unique hand-crafted 3D fold-out cards with cut-outs and many details based on original hand drawings. We have developed our own techniques in design and production, which place us among the best in the world of paper engineering and 3D greetings cards. Our know-how and passion are at your disposal, and we will be happy to help you turn your thoughts and ideas in to your own greeting card, whether it’s for charity, for promoting your cause or brand, the annual Christmas card for you employees, or something completely different. We offer a professionel production process including all phases – drawing, handpainting, production, packing, delivering.